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Kites, Flags, and Windsocks

Single line, controllable stunt kites, and Flags of all nations and seasons

We provide a full assortment of kites, intended for lazy days and for active competitive flying. We offer locally designed and manufactured product, one of a kind custom art kites suitable for flying or hanging as decor, and flags for your home, or boat. 

Puzzles and Games

Sometimes there just isn't any wind and you need an indoor activity

To fill those days and nights when there isn't sun, or wind, or the weather just won't cooperate for you to spend time on the beach, we provide puzzles and games suitable for all ages.  Brain teasers and strategy games are our specialty and our knowledgeable staff is always able to help match our products to your family interest and ability.  Puzzles  are available for children's  to 40,000 pieces in all types of visual interest. 

Bird Stuff

Like our name suggests we also cater to the Bird fancier

We provide feeders, houses, and baths for our feathered friends typical to the beach, or your home environment.  We also stock an assortment of seed, suet, and nuts that we believe will satisfy all the birds you care about. 

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