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for more than 35 years we have been part of the Crystal Coast community providing top quality wind related products as well as indoor puzzles and games. We only sell top quality products and offer our experience to help you find what you need to enjoy your time at the beach, and when you get back home.  


Our history and mission


We are located in the Atlantic Station Shopping Center, between The Food Lion and the Movie Theater

1010 W Fort Macon Rd (1,029.96 mi)
Atlantic Beach, North Carolina 28512

(252) 247-7011

Our Products
  • Kites and Wind socks, including 2 and 4 line Stunt Kites and custom locally designed and manufactured product.  

  • Flags (US, State, and international) as well as Banners (seasonal, party, and theme)

  • Bird feeders, baths, and houses for shore birds as well as upland wild birds. Seed, suet and nuts, which can be mixed to your specific request 

  • Puzzles (over 1000 unique designs) and games for all ages and abilities

  • Yard decor, and wall art (interior and exterior) wind spinners, and chimes,

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